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My cute 19 ear old sister in law

My cute 19 ear old sister in law

I am 32 years old, living in stable relationship with a child and all. After my girlfriend, Jenni and I have had a child, our sex life is not always run in top gear, but surely it is not entirely uncommon. Actually I have several times sought diversion in girls from the studio and my work, but you must hear about another time.

One weekend a few weeks ago I was with my girlfriend and our little daughter a trip to Manchester to visit her father and his youngest daughter, who still lives at home. We live in an apartment in the london City Heart and visit fairly often family in law in Manchester on weekends to get away from the city. My father in law – Carl and Sandra – Jennies little sister is pleasant people to be in the company of so it suits me very well and we enjoy ourselves always.

That day we arrived shortly before noon, when we had agreed to have lunch with Carl and Sandra. The weather was really good, the sun was shining and it was warm, so we ate in the garden. After lunch would Jenni and I have a little sun on the body while our daughter – Claudia was playing in the garden, and Carl went and put his vegetable garden. Jennies little sister – Sandra sat as usual into the living room and read. Sandra is a approximately. 175 cm tall, slim, gender and shapely girl aged 19 with long dark hair, green eyes and plump breasts. I had long been interested in her, but it was been the interest of many reasons. There would of course always be a risk that Jenni or other family members would detect any attempt from me.

Sandra has, in the time I’ve known her, always had a strange habit of wrap around clothes from head to toe, even when it’s hot. She is a quiet girl and I have always regarded this behaviour as a sign that she is quite shy. I’ve never heard of that she should have had a boyfriend To tease her a little, I went into the house and asked her if she was going out and having some sun on the body with us, but she would not.

In the afternoon would Carl go to his mother, who lives nearby. Jenni and our daughter went with him to get some afternoon tea and cake. I lay dozing in the garden and was back. After some time I went into the house to get some drinks. When I thought I was alone, I was a bit surprised when I saw Sandra sit in the living room and watch television. “Well, should you? with them over to Your grandmother?” I asked. Sandra said that she does not hate felt so obvious to it because she was sore in the back and shoulders after a long working day in advance. I had often given of her siblings and other family members reflexology and massage and offered her a little reflexology: “Should I press you a little under your feet and see if that helps?”
“Uh, yes please, I would like to have.” she said as her eyes evaded mine. I sat up to her on the sofa and began to work her feet.

We got to talking, and she asked what zones I pressed on and the bodies which they corresponded with. Our conversation got soaked her up, and she was so small a little more talkative than usual. After 10-15 min. I was a little elated by touching her feet, and I decided to see if I could get something going with her and asked her a closed question: “Can you feel no improvement, or should I try to tap on the back and shoulders? “”It would be nice,” she said, “but I think you hit a little hard. Can not drill a little less?” I promised and asked her to lie on her stomach on the floor. I sat down on his knees beside her and began to massage the back and shoulders. After a few minutes grumbled herself that her blouse chafed skin when I massaged the outside of the garment. “Then take off your shirt!” I replied hopefully. “argh.., yeah I can do that.” she said somewhat sheepishly. She sat up and took off your shirt. During the blouse, her nude body, a white lace bra and a fantastic cleavage, which I saw for the first time, appeared. She had probably noticed my gaze. She held the shirt up to her breasts and lay down on his stomach.

There has always existed a kind of undeclared sympathy between Sandra and me. She is a quiet and gifted girl who does not say much, unless she feels she really has something to say. I have often defended her when the family has complained about her withdrawn behavior, because I could see similarities with her about myself when I was her age. I now hoped that this mutual sympathy, had created so much confidence in me that I could break Sandra’s wall of shyness and teenage insecurity without exceeding her limits to such a degree that it would end in failure.

I began to massage her back and shoulders, she grumbled once again: “Can you not use any cream? Your hands seem so rough on my back, there is something on the shelf in the bathroom!” After having collected the cream I sat beside her, took some cream on his hands and started to massage. After a few minutes I sat astride on the lower back of her and massaged on, but in just a few seconds I started to get iron from sitting and having her ass just below me. I could feel that it would not take many seconds before I would have full erection, and that she could feel it. I decided to remain seated and wait for a response from her. I continued with the massage and now had a real hard-on. But Sandra did not react to it. I got a little braver and sat a little further down on her buttocks just below my cock and massaged now the lower back.

I slowly began to make small movements of intercourse against her ass as i massage her. Sandra gave a low groan from her, and I was braver and pushed more to the abdomen against her ass. Then she interrupted me. “Stefan, I do not think I want this!” I was seated and asked if she did not like it. “I do not know. What if they come back? And what about Jenni?” Now the situation was desperate: I was very close to either failure or getting to fuck my delicious teenage sister. I had to think and react quickly and gambled that she secretly want to do it..

“Can not you?” enjoy” when I touch you?” I relieved myself a little from her ass and pulled her up so she sat with her back to me. I placed myself on my knees, took her from behind and put his hands under her bra and pinched her nipples with his fingers and said, “Sandra, I really like you, I want”” you! Is it nice when I touch you or do not you like? it? “Sandra seemed like she liked the touch, but was simultaneously in doubt: “I ​​do not know, I have not tried to be so close to a man.” “At my age?” I asked and continued to cuddle her nipples while I kissed her on the neck and shoulders. “Uh, yes, it is, I’ve never really been with a man or guy – just kissed and cuddled!”

I was not surprised by this but thought if it was true that she at age 19 in 2010 had not tried to fuck. I asked her if she was a virgin, which she confirmed. I was now aware that I had to try to control the flow here, since she obviously had no experience with such a situation. I decided to go all the way and started to open her pants with one hand while I continued to cuddle a nipple with the other hand and said, “I know you’re a little afraid of this – how it feels – what to do – if someone discovers us. But I think you’ll will feal that’s great. ”

I had now got the hand into her panties. I massaged her clit over and stuck a finger in her pussy. She was soaking wet, and I thought, “YES!” I continued alternately to massage her clit and finger fuck her while I rubbed one nipple and massaged the chest with the other hand. She began to moan, and I continued my treatment I felt that she was about to come. So I got up, took her hands and pulled her up from the floor. I stood and kissed her while I stuck one hand down and continued to finger fuck her pussy and began to pull her pants and panties off with the other hand. She was doing pretty much nothing but stand and groan and take my treatment.

When she had pants and panties off, I pulled her over to the couch and got her down on her back. I spread her legs and began to lick and suck her clit while I finger fucked her. She began to moan loud with a lovely light voice: “Oh? Oh, Stefan keep going!” My cock was stiff right now and pounded and was getting very anxious to get some action. I hurried to take off my pants and the rest of the clothes, which I helped her with her ​​bra and lay down on her. I sucked and nibbled her breasts while I drove my dick up and down her clit with fuck movements. She moaned: “Oh, it’s great – it’s great!.” She came very quickly in an orgasm, she moaned and said, “Oh, Oh no, I think I pee!” I could not help but laugh a little of what she said. Some suggested that she apparently did not have as powerful an orgasm before and therefore not knew the feeling.

My cock was throbbing and almost screaming for action, so I felt it needed to be spoiled. I stood up and stuck my dick straight to Sandra’s mouth. She looked at it and said, “You want?, That I should take it into my mouth?” “Yes, I’ve had you in the mouth, now it’s your turn!” I replied. She protested a little, “Is that not it a little creepy. I think that comes semen out of it and all this?” “Some need to get use to it, others just like”” it from the first time. This is something that really turns a man, if she can figure out how to do it right. Would you not like to turn me on “I said, and played a little on her lack of experience. “Yeah, but what should I do?”

I cheered inside by those words. I could get it just like I wanted it. I thought I might as well teach her ​​right from the start, though it may seem a little intimidating to some girls when they try the first time. I would fuck her in the mouth and down the throat, so I replied: “It may seem a little strange the first few times you try it. Simply take it into his mouth and licking his head, preferably with the underside of the tongue head and upper surface of the tongue up and down the shaft. do not touch with your the teeth, and then you just do what I say. ”

I sat down on the couch, spread her legs and said that she would sit on his knees in front of me and take my dick in your mouth. She started licking my cock head, and I directed her to switch between licking and taking cock as deep as possible into the mouth. And she did actually really well. After a few minutes I was about to come – the whole situation to sit with my girlfriend naked, delicious, youngest sister, get sucked cock and keep track of it all was almost to much.

“I want you to lie on the couch with your head back on the edge!” I stood up and stand only with one knee and one hand on the edge of the couch and the other on the seat back and stuck my dick in her mouth and started to fuck. I was quite carried over and fucked just to and came after a 8-10 shock in her mouth. Sandra gave some loud noises and throat noises and swallowed most of my load. This was just too much. I had just fucked and sprayed Sandra in the mouth. It was totally bling, and I kept my erection. Sandra lay on the couch with my semen in and around the mouth. I sat over her, took some of the semen from her face and rubbed her breasts and nipples into the semen, while I pinched and massaged them. So I took my dick up between the breasts and did fuck moves to the beat of breast i massage her. Her breasts are truly wonderful – firm and large – a little more than a handful for each.

I was now so horny that I had to have pussy and said, “Sandra,i want you I want you now!” I stuck my cock into her pussy on her and began to fuck her without thinking of her virginity. She asked me to be careful because she was afraid that it would hurt. I fucked her with alternating slow and fast short bursts to avoid penetration of hymen right away while I massaged her clit with my fingers. She quickly became soaking wet from my treatment and moaned: “stefan, fuck me. I want you right up to me!” I lifted her legs up on my shoulders and pushed my dick all the way down the long, hard shock. She gave a moan from her, and I continued to fuck her with long, slow shock. She was lovely tight and I could feel that I would be coming soon, so I pulled myself out of her to delay ejaculation.

I took hold of her hips, turned her over on her stomach and said she would standing on all fours with her hands on the armrest, so I could take her from behind. I stuck my dick into her pussy and began to fuck her from behind while I held on to her hips. She could like! She moaning loudly: “Oh, Oh – Stefan makes it harder!” I fucked like a wild and came to slip out of her. I grabbed my dick to stick it in again but saw her asshole. I was really horny and wanted to brown her and thought she had it in her mouth and pussy, so she might as well get used to taking it in the ass from the first time, so I did not have to try to persuade her later if we were to fuck a second time. On the other hand I would have done it all with her ​​if she would want to fuck again.

I grabbed her buttocks, pressed her down on her stomach, spread buttocks and put my dick into her asshole. It was well lubricated by her pussy juices so that it slid relatively lightly. She appeared a little surprised by this and moaned: “Ahhrr, ahhrr? Huh? what are you doing? You have it up the bum at me!” Her asshole was really tight and I was completely turned on while I answered as if it surprised me: “It’s not hurt, right?” And fucked on. “No, oh, ooh – it’s just a little, uhh? Weird!” she moaned. I took one of my hands between the legs of her, and alternately massaged I her clit and finger fucking her pussy while I fucked her in the ass. She moaned and whimpered during this treatment: “It’s so nice – oh, plug it in pussy and make it hard!” I pulled my cock out of ass and stuck it in her pussy.

She stood on all fours as before. I fucked her wildly and hard, while I held on to her breasts and pinched her nipples with your fingertips. It was a wonderful experience to fuck Sandra brutally from behind while I had a good hold of her delicious breasts, and I began to pant heavily, “ahhrr, ahhrr? Sandra,i want you do you like? Getting cock, you little lolita?” She moaned and whimpered just: “Oh, uhh, Stefan go on – oh, do it hard!” I decided to give her a proper orgasm and moved one hand from her chest down to her clit, which I massaged with the fingers, while I had hold of her breast with the other hand and continued to fuck her from behind everything I could. It was just what was needed, she moaned loudly and came suddenly very violently. She took on my hands and held them tightly against her chest and her pussy and crept close together, while her body was completely tense all the muscles. Her vaginal muscles tightened hard on my dick and I squirted up in her.


I held her from behind while we lay on the sofa. I felt great and was still horny at the whole situation. I had just fucked my girlfriend’s 19-year-old sister at all angles and taken her virginity. I could feel that I had to have more and got just as quietly erection again by lying and hold her with a dick up against her ass. I started fiddling with her ​​again while I kissed her back and shoulders and said, “Hold on my cock!” When she took the dick and started rubbing it, I got full erection and was combative again in a matter of seconds. Suddenly the phone rang. Sandra got my cock and would get up to answer the phone. But I was horny and would not let go of her. “Stefan, let me take the”” phone – it can be my father!” she protested. “Then you must promise me that we love again!” I replied. She got hold of the handset and answer the phone. It turned out to be her father, who told me that they were returning home from his mother. He wanted to know if we wanted pizza tonight, so he and Jenni rent a movie and take pizzas on the way home.

After Sandra hung up the phone, it took a little panic in her, “Are you crazy man, they come home soon, I will up in the shower and get dressed before they come!” I tried to get her to relax: “Take it easy, they must first get pizza and rent a movie. The earliest home in half an hour. Lets go up in the bath!” I followed her up to the bathroom on the first floor with a half hard on. Inside the bathroom, I could not leave her and asked me close behind her with my dick straight to her ass while I grabbed her with one hand and massaged her clit with the other. She immediately began to moan a little, “Oh no, Stefan, they come in a little while!” I replied that I just wanted her quickly and pushed her upper body leaning over the sink while I stuck my dick in her pussy. I started to fuck her from behind, and Sandra moaned and whimpered. I gave her fast and furious shock and could feel that I was about to come when I pulled my cock out and ordered her down on her knees in front of me, “Sandra, sit down on my knees. I will spray you in the face and tits! “I turned her and she sat on his knees in front of me.

I grabbed her hair at the nape by one hand and played my dick with the other. Then I came and sent a load right on her face. I had the upper hand in the situation and took the opportunity for a little domination and said, “Candy lick my cock clean!” Sandra licked my dick clean and swallowed semen as she was told. We took a shower and stood and caressed, kissed, and talked a little. Sandra told that it had been really nice and she through some time actually been a little hot on me. We agreed to be together again, and next week we take a walk in the drive-in cinema. I hope there will be something to write about!

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