naughty thoughts VS the real thing

naughty thoughts VS the real thing


I came home earlier than you. i shopped on the way home and is now in the kitchen, and put items in place in the refrigerator. Do not really know what it is with me today, but ever since we woke up this morning I have had naughty thoughts about you and me.
While I’m standing there at the kitchen table, I wonder what it would be if you’re in this second was here in the kitchen and walked towards me, forced my body across the kitchen table, pulled up my skirt, pulled my panties to the side, flashed yourself up, put your cock back and fucked me until I screamed with joy and ecstasy. I’m so horny that I almost can feel your powerful body behind me, feel how you take hold of me feal you with all your force how you penetrate deep into my horny pussy.

The idea that you just take me there over the kitchen table, you simply claim my body is so powerful arousal that I can feel the heat poured down in my lap and I will just have to let my one hand slide up under my skirt and into my panties. My pussy is hot. Hot, excited and wet. I can hear how my breathing begins to quiver and I spread my thighs and leans slightly forward, then I can easily let two fingers up in myself. While they are there deep inside my hot, wet pussy, moving my hand hard against my clitoris. I am really very excited now. My breath came in shock now, I make chopping motions with my belly and my pussy becoming increasingly wet and excited. I let my fingers run rhythmically back and forth over my pussy and increases the pressure slightly so that my clitoris is indirectly massaged. In less than a minute I come in a violent orgasm that makes me moan and groan aloud.

“You are surely very naughty today,” – it gives a violent jerk in me. I turn and face you, quietly in the doorway and smiles at me. I do not know what to do with myself, are so embarrassed but simultaneously also tremendously excited that you’ve been going there quietly and looked at how I have satisfied myself. You come up to me and stop a meter from me. I can recognize your scent – your warm, clean, sweet scent. Do sometimes hold your breath when you are so close to me, to keep on myself.

“Tell me what you thought of just before” you say and I blush vigorously and look away. I can feel my nipples stuck under my shirt and I know that I totally revealed. I turn around so I again, facing the kitchen table. I lean slightly over the table and starts to talk. “I stood here at the table and fantasized about how you came into the kitchen and simply took me here over the kitchen table.” You come to me, is now quite close to and display in my ear “… and it was good?”. I press my ass back toward you and for a moment I touch you like a quiet, unspoken pledge or is it to lure? “It was as always so nice. You beat up your hard cock into my wet hot pussy and fucked me up in the seventh heaven. “You’re pushing your abdomen against my buttocks and I acknowledge the willingness to push my ass backwards and now I feel your unconditional enthusiasm and expectation. You know as well as I do, what will You let your hands slide up my stomach up to my breasts hiding behind the shirt in a silky bra. I begin again to breathe heavier. Your fingers continue up to the shirt top button and you open it. Continuing down, but stops when you can get a hand under my shirt and gently squeeze on my right breast and feel how my nipple sources in your palm, although there is still a bra in between. Then buttons you on down and pulls my shirt up of the skirt, and button the last button up. Then you let your hands slide up and down my back to until they reach my bra buckle. You push the buckle together and disassembled. Then you let your palms take the trip from shoulder blades around the body and to the front where they embraces my beating chest. At the same time press myself against your impressive erection and against your hands holding on to my breasts and this causes me to be in a very lordotic position across the kitchen table. Then you let your hands slide around on my hips and then lets the one hand down between my legs, which I then spread a little more. I can hear how your breathing become heavier – and I shudder all over my body like you. You kiss me on the neck and wiper in my ear how much you right now desire me. My crush comes alive and starts to move in together slow rhythm as your finger. You take your wet fingers up to my mouth and presses them against my lips. Then you kiss me and our kiss tastes of my horny pussy. I can feel how to become progressively more demanding and greedy and it gets me to request you to an extent that makes me dizzy. You let your fingers into my mouth and I lick them clean. You kiss me again on the neck and wiper in my ear how much you need me, how much your cock needs my hot pussy.

You pull the panties of me and I can hear how you take your pants off. I am dizzy with lust now, farther me to the kitchen table and moans of eagerness and anticipation. Then I notice how the tip of your cock touching my pussy and make the most joyful feeling I have ever experienced. You move your dick back and forth to get it well lubricated, and then pushes you to and goes all the way to the bottom of my pussy, causing me to gasp loudly and my hips rotate wildly. I feel how your and my body together gives so much pleasure that it is to incredible. I can hear how you groan heavily now and my vaginas respond by making series of distinct contractions. You love with me wild and crazy. Every time you encounter your cock into me I can feel it completely out of my clitoris and your wallet slapped loudly against it with an intoxicating sound.
You pushed you more and more over me as your excitement and you knocked your big cock into my horny pussy so I almost forget to breathe. I feel how my muscles squeeze heavily on your cock as my orgasm approaching and after a few bumps we fall both across the table and orgasm crashing over us both. I noticed how your sperm get flowing when you’re in the final push encounter deep into me – and syringes and fills my lap with your hot sperm. I’m so intoxicated by the orgasm that you when we both is straighten us up, firmly holding onto my hips over my legs gives way under me. I turn my head and look at you with a blurry eye while I say,

“reality always surpass even the wildest imagination.”

Please make a comment, was it a nice,bad,boring or exciting story.     We can use your comment to get even better when we choose stories.  thanks a lot.

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