Your sweat sexy dream

Your sweat sexy dream

You are safe and asleep in your bed when I mouse quiet pry me into your apartment. – I walk over to your bed and sit down next to you. See you while you sleep, you are beautiful as you are there. I know it’s illegal but I DO touch you …

You lie on your side with your back to me, I let my fingers gently running through your beautiful hair, caress your neck, you are still sleeping so I will be more brave. I let my fingers go under the covers, slowly they move down your spine until it reaches down to the crack between your balls, I lay my hand on your one bale and skims lightly over it, feeling your curves … Uhhmm, I can not help but think about how nice it would be to penetrate you from behind .. but turns the idea out of my head again, it does not, then you would definitely awake. I lie and fondles your balls when you suddenly turn around at the back, I stiffen and hold the breath, woke you ..?? You are very quiet and I can hear your heavy breathing that you are still asleep. I breathe a sigh of relief, considering a split second whether I should list out, but my horniness, and the chance to be able to touch your breasts now, leads me to be.

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I let my hand ironing up over your belly until it reaches your chest, slowly I let my index finger circling around one breast, like a spiral circles I closer and closer toward your nipple, for finally hitting it. The moment I hit your nipple, escapes there is a small groan from your mouth. I squeeze gently my thumb and ring finger on your nipple while I also work with it on top of my index finger, I see how it is hard and stiff of my treatment. You start to be a little restless, I can see in your face that you can enjoy what I do know you, I can not wait, I DO see you completely.

Slowly I pull the covers of you … wow … Damn .. you are delicious as you lie there, completely naked with your legs slightly bent. I lean over you and takes your nipple in his mouth. As I touch your nipple with my tongue tip sends the electric lightning down into my belly … Now the hell knows me, slowly spreading I your legs right out to the edge of the bed and lies me between them, my tongue finds its way to your labia, while my fingertips softly massaging your nipples. You are very restless now, and your breathing has become faster, I play my tongue hard against your clit, I can feel for you that you do not have far to go before you come.

I stick two fingers up at you and finger fuck you hard and deep while I lick your clit … A few seconds after I can feel that you are shaken by your orgasm .. I pull slowly fingers out of you, but keep my tongue between your labia, as I lick gently and slowly … Your breathing was heavy and slow again … I am bursting with lust, but it is not that I leave my mark on you, so I stand up slowly, and disappear just as quietly as I came …

On the way home I think about what you wonder dreamed while I was playing with you?

Please make a comment, was it a nice,bad,boring or exciting story.     We can use your comment to get even better when we choose stories.  thanks a lot.


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