Anna need some money

Anna need some money

In the so-called crisis, I have to cancel some of my part-time employees in the store, Anna came though with a proposal so she just got money to live on, she said.

She was 16 years old, and not particularly high, and simply  not very intelligent, so the choice to fire her was not that hard. She had been recommended by one of the others, but they other find that it was a mistake on her part.

But Anna was good to get the boys to look as she always went boldly dressed, with a good look at her breasts, which I guess was a C-cup. But compared to that she was small and thin, they seemed somehow higher.  Of course I had also looked and noticed that she obviously “used” her breasts, but had asked her to dress properly, which she respected.

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After receipt of the notice, she came one evening just before closing time to deliver its jerseys, and would like to talk a little, she said.  As soon as we had closed, we went therefore into the dining room, for it was there we sat best and could talk.

I sat first, and she was standing in front of me and took off her jacket, so the breasts were right at eye level, and she had a top on, with a good bra under, so I looked like, and smiled.  After the jacket was taken by she continued, however, and also took her top off. damn some good nuts! I thought, but did nothing.

Do not you think they are good? she asked and looked at me. Clearly they are, I replied, but you’re 16 and I’m over 40, so I have been holding hands at rest.  So she solved her bra and let it fall on the ground. They are fucking good! I had to admit, a few totally solid young girl tits, a pair of perfect handfuls, but I let myself still do not get carried away , thin girl in which all energy must have gone to the breasts – but good it was the damn nice tits!

I could use a sponsor, she said. I would do much for you if you behave nicely, and are willing to pay a little for it.  And you obviously do not tell anyone, she continued quickly.

Now I was curious, for damn where, however, she just wanted cock!, But I let her go all the way, and asked how much she meant I had to pay, since I did not know what something like that cost, as I’ve never paid for it.

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300  she said, 500 if the pants also gets of., And then took hold of her breasts. oh my god this where the cheap, I thought, but just said aha. And you think you’re worth it? I asked then, still with poker-face.  It’s fucking cheap, she said so, but I like to get cock and think you have a big dick, but some money should I have for it, she said with a smile … we have a deal?

We have a deal, I said so, and she came with a sigh of relief and leaned immediately toward me, and I immediately took hold of her good nuts. And she closed her eyes and enjoyed it. Its nice  to have  a couple of big men’s hands, said she saw something different than when the boys playing with them.  So it is ok? I asked, and she replied with a mmm…. and kept his eyes closed.

Lie down on the floor, I told her I want to see my cock between your breasts. She smiled and lay down as ordered, with a laugh. You can not stand them, she said, I have well noticed you looked.

I got up and took the pants and boxer shorts of, and stood stiff in the air. I just knew it was great she said, smiling, and you’re circumcised – how brazenly.  I sat astride her hips, and now noticed how small she was, for my cock filled much compared to her skinny body.

She immediately took hold of my cock and began to squeze it on me .. totally sexy!, I enjoyed it and enjoyed the view while I again played with her nuts.  Squeeze them together on it, I said, and put it between her firm breasts.  She immediately took hold of them and got squeezed them together on my cock as I slowly began to move back and forth.

What a sexy sight! she was and was totally preoccupied with my cock, and did his very best to please me.  I leaned more forward, and said she was going to get his nuts, and instead sucking and stroking my cock.  She looked up at me as she grabbed it and drove it into her mouth while she sucked a vaccum around it.

When she had got cock my head into her mouth, she drove her slender hand up and down the shaft while her lips were driving on the edge of my cock head.  You are fucking good, I said, and she smiled briefly, and tightened so moved by hand.

The result did not when I felt it started to move in the dick, and I enjoyed the sight of the throbbing dick in her mouth, and the sight gave the last, so I emptied myself in her mouth and she was to cuddle and suction until I asked her to stop.

You did so  good, I said to her when I had recovered myself a little, and was so raised me so she could get up. She sat down on the chair and said that all just needed a moment to swallow the mouthful. Naughty slut! I thought, you must be fucked with my dick.

So when we had found us a bit, I went over to her and told her to suck it hard again, because she would be fucked.  Like she said, because I think it’s really nice you are circumcised, so you have the bare dick to look and suck on. So she opened her mouth and took the soft cock in his mouth, and began to fondle and suck as before.

I glared very eyes almost fell out because she concentrated totally on my cock and closed his eyes while I stood and enjoyed the sight of it and her firm nuts as well hopped freely.  The sight was that I was ready again after a short time, so she took my cock out of his mouth, and said that now I was shown ready to fuck her.

I am totally ready, I said. I’ve never been ready so fast after coming, you do so well! – She smiled and laughed a little. But are you ready? I asked her so, for it has indeed been only me that has been lavished on until now.

Sit down, she said, and pointed at the chair again. I obeyed, and she came to me and asked me to spread her legs a little. Then she sat on my legs with his legs outside of mine and said that I should feel her pussy, and so we had to see what I meant.  My cock was standing straight up in the air 10 inches from her abdomen, so I got a hand down between us, and she closed her eyes expectantly.

When I put my hand against her pussy she drew breath heavier, she was obviously on. And when I hit the top of her pussy with my finger gave it a set in her. Oh how naughty! she said fat to notice a large male hand, and granted .. my hand filled much of her slender body.

But I continued, of course, and soon found out that she was totally ready and caressed the best I knew of her wet pussy, then she began to sit rather uneasily on my legs, but I enjoyed it just as much as her, and her breasts bounced around in front of me. Absolutely unreal with so large nuts on such a small body – but damn how naughty!

Now it should be! so I stuck a finger in her, no problems, and a mmmmm came from her. So I thought that 2 fingers should then be tested, and again with the same moaning from her.  Now she, however, hold on my cock and stood up to go very close to me so she could ride my cock.  She glided effortlessly over it and rode it slowly, so I went all the way every time. Take on me, she said, I will feel your big hands on my body! like for me, so I grabbed her hips and held her hard hold while she rode me.

You have to fuck me, she said after a while, I’ll be by you, and looked at me as she slowed down. Quite ok with me wherever  would you rather be, I asked, and take hold of her nuts with a hard squeeze.

You should put me on the table, she said, and then you just fuck me till you get while you have your hands anywhere on me.  That’s fine with me, so she got up from my cock and I helped her up on the table in the dining room.

Again .. wonder with such a small body and so good nuts – like watching a little doll. She was shown a little uneasy as she crossed her arms and over her pussy. Then she looked directly at me and said that I was going to fuck her hard, even if she stopped. She wanted to do it hard she said. But we agreed a sign that made me to stop if it was too much.

I walked over to the table and grabbed her legs. With that firm grip on the ankles spread her legs and I put my cock just above her pussy. She closed her eyes and I saw her grab the edge of the table.  But her legs up to my chest, and her little feet up to my head, I leaned over her and grab her nuts.

Oh how naughty! came back from her, and still with closed eyes – give me some dick!  Now she had to get what she wanted .. so I maneuvered my dick down to her pussy and pushed quietly on. It went in without any problems and she came with a groan. Right at the bottom with the almost cried she.

So I got up a bit. So I let go of her nuts. Grabbed her hips and pushed it slowly all the way down, and continued it for a some time.

She talked and muttered as she constantly told me to fuck her. So I took the harder hold of her and fucked her fast and hard while I went to the bottom every time.  Her nuts jumping around and she squeezed my cock with her pussy, which I have never tried before.

Take hard on them, she said suddenly and grabbed her breasts, just squeeze and mas. So I let go of her hips and manhandling the nuts as she wanted. Oh yes – squeeze them she exclaimed immediately, and fuck me.

I did as she wanted and i stopped  while I fucked her in the deep. And I could feel her that her orgasm was coming.  So I continued at full force, and after a while she tensed body in an arc and came with a yes, damn it, she almost cried out – fuck me, fuck me, keep she cried and therefore came by several times with some violent jerk. Finally, to be totally relax the body.

Keep she said. I want to feel your cum all over my tits, fuck me! Simply the game I thought, but fucked on as commanded, and after a short time I had to give up and pulled it out of her to get out of her stomach and nuts in a few good splashes.

She was completely limp, but smiled at me, but I wiped the last of sperm on her belly. Got let go of her legs, and asked if I would help her off the table.  I’m just healthy me she said so, but you may well be standing and pay me a little.

Quite ok with me, so I asked me over to the side of her and caressed her sperm-soaked nuts, stomach and thighs. . She closed her eyes and began to moan slowly. The little slut was ready again! So I continued my affectionate but with more focus on her pussy when she happened to have taken hold of his knees, and thus kept legged spread – with a clear vision for her wet pussy.

So I began to fondle intensively for her clit and finger fucked her too, which made her back was totally wet in the pussy.  However, I was not ready so I drove hard to please her, and felt she was again about to come.

Now she opened her eyes and looked at me. I like to come up with a stiff cock up in me, she said, and looked at my semi-soft cock.  Then she turned her head and came to the edge of the table. Can not foot fuck me until it becomes stiff? she asked so naughty slut! I had said, and laid immediately dick on her lips.

She slowly opened her mouth and got the soft cock in using the tongue. Then she took hold of his nuts with both hands and caressed and i stopped it – certainly for me –  With one hand I continued to fondle her pussy and the other hand I hold her head gently stuck with while I began to mouth fucked her.

The results did not fail. my cock was stiff, and her pussy was wet and ready.  Help me down, ‘she said after a while, and lie on the floor.  I lifted her off the table and putting me as commanded. Then she straddled over me and sat down on my cock with her back to.  When my cock was as high as she lay down on me, so I could see down at her body.  Now you fuck me, she said so while you caress my clitoris with your finger.

I fucked her slowly, and my finger found her clitoris. After a short time she lay rather uneasily on top of me, but I enjoyed it just as much as her, and had a view of her good nuts which jumped every time I came down.

Then came her orgasm, however, and she tensed again the body in an arc while I fucked and fondled the best I knew, and she muttered and moaned like never before, until she was completely limp and told me to lie still.

After a while she got up and said that I so did not get more today, but that she thought it was really cool. I also had to admit that it was really good sex, and that of course I would not tell anyone.

So I got up too, and looked at while she took off her clothes on, and took my boxer shorts and pants back on.  Just before I pulled boxer shorts up, she however hold of my cock and took it for a short time in the mouth. Fucking sexy when it is circumcised, she said, smiling.

I’m coming for my money tomorrow, she said at last and went. Next day she came over and we settled at the agreed price, and have had many fun hours together, which I’m going totell you about a little at a time

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